Why was Serpente Club Radio created?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

#Serpente I have been cherishing the idea of ​​Club Radio for a long time. I myself have been dealing with music since the # 80s as a record show (as a girl called Dj) My experience at the time showed that smaller communities work better. the members pay attention to each other. I have a myriad of experiences in this regard, but I think of someone else who has lived through their youth in these years, #Forever Young

Based on this basic idea, I wondered why these two factors could not be combined in the 2000s as well. I have the unlimited possibilities of the World Wide Web to help me. Thus was born the first online music sharing and then online radio.

Of course, like everything, you have to learn this too! That is why I ask you and my colleague to look at the buck, let's laugh at it together!

A few words about the future ... The goal, as I mentioned, is to create a club not just virtually. I need you to carry out this plan, because there is no club without an audience. Register as many people as possible!


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